I’m Shirley

A Conceptual Copywriter*

*I come up with words and concepts that help you
win pitches and gain customers.

About Me

Hi there, I’m a freelance copywriter/content writer. I come up with words and concepts that help you win pitches and gain customers. I’ve been working as a freelancer for over 11 years and can tackle everything from ad campaigns to branding. I can easily adapt my style of writing to any job and work with startups to established companies. I can work in direct response marketing, B2B, print or online ads, emails, press releases, script writing, Christian, Fundraising, Self-Help, Web/Internetas well as all forms of online content, and more.

My Services


Blog Articles

Blogs are one of today’s most popular marketing tools. A well-written blog becomes a platform that enhances your relationship with existing customers, exposes your company to potential new customers and positions you as an industry expert.

SEO Strategy

The online world has become a crowded and competitive place. The spoils go to the companies that rank highest on Google. Most searchers look at first page results, and the higher on that first page, the better. A good SEO strategy is crucial to your success.

Information architecture

2.6 seconds. That’s how long your readers take before deciding to ditch your site or stick around for more. A sharply written site sinks its hooks into readers and refuses to let go—it engages and invites, bringing in more leads, more buzz, and more business.

Content Strategy

You need a copy editor you can trust for accurate, efficient and dependable support in producing your written materials.  A trained professional will offer the following services: Copy Editing, Proofreading, Localization, Marketing. Good copywriting is an investment in your company’s future.  It helps to build your brand and attract customers.

Emails & Autoresponders

I provide the highest level of direct response copywriting to help my clients achieve their revenue goals. And, as a direct marketing specialist, I can also provide direct marketing tactics and strategy, specifically product positioning, product development, marketing strategy, plus a road map to take your company to the next level.

Creative Copywriting

Powerful, vivid, engaging, and actionable. I’ve got the strategy, expertise, and experience to write you a stellar site. After an in-depth interview to gather insights about your audience and ambitions, I’ll craft highly effective content that enchants, enraptures, and achieves your business goals and is SEO-optimized. 


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